Solid investments, vibrant impact

Razorback Capital is a family investment vehicle founded in October, 1999, by Ron and Lance LeMay.

In less than a decade since the company was formed, it has provided seed money and expansion capital to more than 15 companies in diverse industry segments. Razorback Capital seeks investment opportunities in companies that are bringing transformational change to existing markets or are creating new markets where none previously existed.

Razorback Capital operates at the horizon of opportunity where promise and possibility come together.

Given the backgrounds and expertise of the company’s principal partners in thought leadership, executive decision-making, exponential marketing and technologically advanced product applications, it’s not surprising that their vision and investments are concentrated on the launch of explosive ideas.

As an additional advantage, Razorback Capital has the flexibility to act quickly and an established network of trusted advisors and backers to help discern opportunities, champion change and partner in ventures.